World War II special weapon “Bigot” dart gun

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The Bigot dart gun was one of the special weapons developed by the World War II Office of Strategic Services (OSS, forerunner of the CIA), which was established in 1942 to focus on the development and use of silent weapons because of its unique mission.The purpose of the “Bigot” dart gun is to allow special forces or agents to shoot sentries and other targets concealed. Silence and one kill are important indicators. So how does the gun work?The designers adapted a.45-caliber M1911 pistol into a dart gun, which fires a special dart round with a metal arrowhead at the head and a long hollow metal tube attached to the back. The tube is covered with stabilising fins that move back and forth.Pipe near the location of the arrow with a. 25 diameter of blank, gun barrel adds another suite, it works as an extension of the firing pin, loading when the striker will ammunition stabilizer to close to the arrow before and then insert the ammunition of the hollow tube from the muzzle, firing pin within the gun to extend the components at this time will be inserted into the ammunition near the hollow tube. 25 empty shells,When the shooter pulls the trigger, the blanks are fired, the gas expands and the dart is launched, and the shells of the.25 blanks get stuck at the end of the shrunken metal tube, which in turn acts as a silencer, similar to the later silent mortars.The “Bigot” dart gun has a very slow muzzle velocity and an effective range of only a few meters. The.25 caliber blank shell does not provide sufficient firing power. The weight of the dart further reduces the speed of the flight, but increasing the charge will increase the noise of the shooting.The “Bigot” dart gun was never commissioned because it did not meet operational requirements, and some of the clear color photos we see today are reproductions.