Will Zelda weapon durability be regenerated

2022-04-25 0 By

In the Legend of Zelda game, only the durability of the Master sword can be restored. In addition, the durability of any other weapon is not recoverable. It can be said that it is a consumable item, and will be gone when used up.In the Legend of Zelda game, if the durability of the weapon you own is running out, the only way to do that is to throw it.Not only does this deal a lot of damage, but it also avoids wearing out more durability when you pull out your next weapon, so throwing is the best move.Of course, if it’s a master sword, durability is unlimited and the player doesn’t have to repair it, because the master sword returns to full durability after 10 minutes, so even if it loses durability, the player doesn’t have to panic, because it will automatically restore durability.So, to sum up, we can see that in the Legend of Zelda game, every weapon the player gets, whether it’s a sword or a shield or a bow, except for the Master sword, all of those weapons have specific durability.In other words, with the exception of the master sword, any weapon that the player uses too much will be broken and can’t be repaired, and then it will be useless.These have durability with a weapon, it is their durability will gradually reduce some, life is short, in the game, the player if you are using the most common iron sword, so in general didn’t cut a $20 or so, and weapons with broken words are out of my backpack never disappear, so this is the players need to understand a little.