The end of the party know time gone, the heart warm years cold

2022-04-25 0 By

Time is like water, time flies.Twinkling of an eye, the year has come to an end.Get into the habit of reviewing the year, what you did, and what you gained.Day, always so thin water long.The end of a year, the beginning of a year, must always have some hope.Some people say, three meals four seasons, warm and interesting.Some people say that the future is brand new, no one look back.Some people say, see a new round of bizarre, lake seabed, with you.New Year, there are always some good hope.The days are dull, the years are endless.A life without ebb and flow is, on the whole, a blessing.Perhaps, never in this world left a stunning stroke, but also far from those great joy great sorrow.Life, like a cup of boiled water, drink tasteless, but how can people get less boiled water?In recent days, I saw a lot of net friends from all walks of life are drying this year’s income.Some feel they are holding the province back.In fact, no matter how much, is your hard harvest of a year.Ability is different, opportunity is different, natural pay and harvest is sometimes far apart.But any one of the success, and never accidental.As the song says, no one can casually succeed.Maybe you’re on your way home right now.Maybe your pockets are a little clean.Maybe you still regret the opportunities you missed this year.The New Year is about to begin, missed or failed to catch, in the next year, you can try again.Life, is always continuous efforts, and finally to complete.Money is not a measure of one’s success.However, it is absolutely impossible to live without money.I think a lot of people struggle with this every day.In fact, more money more money live, less money less money live.Life, do not compare with others, live their own present, you can.This year, I have been busy, like a moment did not stop.Sometimes, the desire to stop, to do nothing, to think of nothing.But really stop the time, just found, what do not think, is not to do.When a person is used to struggle, and used to struggle to achieve results, it is difficult to stop.Two days ago, I saw the personal annual creation report released by the platform.This year, I wrote more than two million words and gained more than 1.8 million new readers.Maybe it’s not much, but it’s getting better year by year, and that’s the hope.Life, always want to see hope, will continue to work hard, also feel that efforts are meaningful.Even such a night, fingers cold, rain outside the window, but still did not stop writing.Life is getting better and better by typing every day.