Prey, Captives and Spoils, a collection of short stories from superheroes

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“Prey, Captive and Booty” by Lotus Flower Bed “Cocoon bed” Spider Hero heroine feels that she is being followed, recently there are often white flocs in the cup, there are also dead insects in the cabinet, often appear in the mailbox express love letters, she asked the security, security said that no one in the office.Male hero is a superhero has been concerned about tying for a long time, he felt she’s life is very lonely need to care about, so she sent specimens, send photos, but these behaviors make she very afraid.During the day, the male hero is a high school student who blushes when talking to her, and at night, he is a stalker who peeps into her life.She was in hospital after the enemy malicious hit, men very blame themselves is a superhero also let she was injured, so offered to take care of she, she did not want to trouble but can not bear to refuse men.Men in front of Japanese from time to time to show themselves, but she is very rejected, men are very anxious he is not sure she refused himself again after he will do something.She woke up and found the spider silk, still no clue after the alarm, she is very collapse, she said in front of the men out of their own fear, the behavior is purely psychotic behavior, men calmly looked at tying said the spider silk cocoon, he wanted to put she into the cocoon.She was scared out of a cold sweat, she finally knew who the stalker was, but she could not escape.”Speculum” captain America is Japanese agents, found the Windows appear when on vacation a handprint, tying extracted palmprint database and comparison the palmprint is a beautiful team, she feel incredible, because the team were now back in the past and his lover together, she decided to end off, she was attacked in the airport,When she wakes up, she sees someone who looks just like Cap, but it’s not Cap, he’s the supreme leader of Hydra.She wanted to escape but was knocked unconscious by the villain.Back in the past, Captain America is always hallucinating recently, he saw “himself” wounded a woman, but also the woman locked in the basement, but also saw “himself” and the woman doi, everything is very real, he wants to help the heroine but can not control the body, compassion and joy will tear him.She found the opportunity to send their own positioning to the liaison, the villain America found after she began to teach Japanese, she had a nervous breakdown she did not know how long she could insist.Captain America, who goes back in time, realizes that what he saw was probably not a hallucination and decides to go back to the future.He got Japanese coordinates to Japanese in the time and space and the villain American team fight to the death, and finally the villain killed, she died in the battle body was taken away, The United States is not willing to go to the funeral everyone thought he was blaming himself.After the funeral, Cap gets the key hidden under the shield and opens the door to the basement. There is a cozy bedroom. There is still a person lying on the bed.”Tribute” this is a good story of a novelist, the hero is a cold FBI agent, they share a common secret, in front of others are strangers, but in private is a close lover.The heroine of Origin, who works for Stark Corp., flunks an employee loyalty test and needs to be retested.Tying recently feel that their memory is always a little, clearly remember yourself at work, the next second has returned home, but the people around are not found what is wrong, memory blackout time is getting longer and longer, finally one day she woke up what can not remember, but someone told her by the bed, he is tying’s husband.In addition to the above several articles, there are “Thaw” X Bucky, “Regression” X Hulk, unfortunately the author will not write this book, I quite like this kind of derivative articles.Don’t enter if you don’t mind if the main character deviates from the original or doesn’t conform to the design