Police successfully intercepted the masses were cheated 760,000 yuan of funds!

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“Leadership” take the initiative to add your micro channel to care about your work situation a few days later, “leadership” encounter an emergency “urgent need money, but their own inconvenient operation” let you help on behalf of the transfer see you hesitate “leadership” say: “my person you still don’t believe it?”How do you choose?Let’s take a look at the following case: At around 19:00 on February 10, the anti-fraud center received a call to the police. The victim, Mr. Che, said that he received a wechat friend application named “An Zhirusu” at around 16:00 on February 10, with a note of “a secretary”.The swindler asked the victim to help transfer the money on the grounds that he first gave the victim’s bank card false transfer of 760,000 yuan, and sent false transfer record screenshots, and then asked the victim to pay in advance on the grounds that he was in urgent need of the money but set a delay to the account.At about 17:00, after the victim completed the transfer, the swindler asked the victim to continue to transfer 1.65 million yuan. The victim realized that she might be cheated and immediately reported to the police after verifying the identity of the other party.After receiving the alarm, the anti-fraud center and Muping Branch quickly froze the accounts involved in the fraud, successfully intercepted the defrauded funds, and immediately informed the local police station of the victim’s jurisdiction to initiate investigation.At present, the case is being further handled.The routines of impersonating leaders are as follows: The first step is that the fraudsters pretend to be leaders’ wechat accounts and use real photos and titles to disguise themselves as “Gao Imitation numbers”.The second step, the fraudster will look for the information of enterprises, departments and cadres that may be communicated in the area where the leader is acting, and then add the victim as a friend through the contact information obtained through illegal channels.The third step, fraudsters will care about subordinates in the tone of “leaders”, concerned about the development of enterprises, etc., to defraud the victims of trust;The fourth step is that the fraudster will ask the victim to transfer the money on his behalf on the grounds that he is not convenient for the transfer because he is the “leader”, and will send the fake screenshot of the transfer to the victim to show the victim that he has transferred back the funds, but in fact there is no.The police remind 01 to take strict precautions not to be gullible not to be gullible about the telephone and information of unknown sources, not to disclose personal information of oneself and family members, not to transfer money to strange bank accounts.If it is necessary to transfer money, please carefully verify the other party’s account, identity information and transfer reasons.In case of fraud, call 110 immediately.02 feet on the ground is not fantasy to “give leadership”, “personal relationship” information to identify more, don’t easily believe in the so-called “lead” of “preferential” conditions, not to be “human care” temptation, not without checking to transfer remittance, don’t reveal your id card, bank CARDS, authentication code and other information.Source: Yantai Anti-fraud Center