As the core area of the Winter Olympics “Chinese cultural card”, what is the significance of archaeological excavation of Taizi City site?

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As the core area of the Winter Olympics “Chinese cultural card”, what is the significance of archaeological excavation of Taizi City site?Shijiazhuang, February 13, China News NetworkAs the “Name card of Chinese culture” of the core area of Beijing Winter Olympics in Zhangjiakou, Taizicheng ruins, located in the core area of The Winter Olympics in Zhangjiakou, is the first and only jin Dynasty palace ruins confirmed by archaeological excavation, which is of far-reaching significance.According to Huang Xin of vice president of Institute of archaeology of hebei province cultural relic, jin Dynasty has a city’s travel palace only one place, this is its uniqueness.Taizi City site is the second most important city site after the capital city of Jin Dynasty, which fills in the blank of the imperial architecture of Jin Dynasty and provides important primary data for the study of the imperial architecture hierarchy of Jin Dynasty, the site selection and construction of the palace, and the system of palace utensils and bowls.For instance pair “bibhead of copper fine gold is acted the role of” study, classics detect, its content is copper and zinc alloy, namely brass.And before the relevant expert research, Chinese brass earliest appeared in the early and middle Ming Dynasty.”Bringing the time of Chinese brass production to the late Gold period, almost 300 years earlier, rewrote the history of copper metallurgy in China.”Cui Jianfeng, deputy dean of the College of Archaeology and Museology at Peking University, previously told the media.In addition, the site of Taizi City, as the visiting palace of The Nabo of The King of Jin Zhang, is an important city site next to the capital of the Jin Dynasty. It has absorbed the construction concept, regulations and techniques of the capital of the song Dynasty, which is of great significance to the study of liao, Jin and Yuan city sites.The whole Taizi City was built in accordance with the layout of the front and the back. The ruins are not large in scale, but the remains are of high grade.For example, on the back plate of one vulchi kiss is written the words “Seven feet and five earth”.Among them, “ground” is the location number, “seven feet five” refers to the size, which is consistent with the specifications recorded in “Building French”.”Zaofangfa” is an architectural design and construction specification book officially issued by the Northern Song Dynasty, which represents the peak state of ancient Chinese architectural science and art.A large number of architectural components unearthed from the ruins of Taizi City, whose style norms are basically consistent with “Zaofangfa”, witness jin’s absorption and innovation of Han culture.”Prince city the archaeological sites, not only search the ancient capital city construction and the establishment of” living fossil “, make up the history, to explore new research out of a solid step, further demonstrated the Chinese nation and the formation of the overall pattern of diversity in unity of the Chinese civilization development process, reflected the toughness and cohesive force of Chinese civilization.(Source: