“Wu Zetian” : no word monument, thousands of years of achievements and faults, let posterity comment

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Wu Zetian, the first queen in Chinese history since the Tang Dynasty, has received mixed reviews from different angles.In the early tang Dynasty, Confucian ideas were not yet dominant and all the emperors were descendants of Wu Zetian.Therefore, in the history books of the Tang Dynasty, the evaluation of her is relatively positive.With the passage of time, the development of society, the evaluation of Wu Zetian began to appear different voices.Sima Guang, a litterateur in the Northern Song Dynasty, severely criticized the empress in his book “The Mirror of Wisdom”.In the Southern Song Dynasty, The Neo-Confucianism of Cheng and Zhu occupied the dominant position of ideological domination, and the society at that time was increasingly restricted to women, which determined the evaluation of Wu Zetian at that time.Now, the duality of the empress can be felt more clearly and intuitively in Munman’s Wu Zetian.According to records, Wu Zetian gave herself the name wu 瞾. The character “瞾” was her own invention at the time, which meant the passage of the sun and the moon into the sky.She was born in Wenshui, Shanxi.After her father died of illness when she was 12, she was abused by her older brothers.At the age of 14, he was summoned to the palace and became the talent of Emperor Taizong Li Shimin.Emperor Taizong loved her at first and gave her the name Wu Mei, but soon he gradually neglected her.During the reign of Emperor Taizong, Wu Zetian’s status never rose and she remained a talented person for 12 years.Later, When Emperor Taizong became seriously ill, Wu Zetian fell in love with His son Li Zhi.After emperor Taizong died, Li Zhi succeeded to the throne, known as Emperor Gaozong.At the beginning of his accession, Tang Gaozong favored Concubine Xiao Shu, which led to queen Wang’s extreme dissatisfaction.In the second year of Yonghui, empress Wu Zetian was recalled to the palace to suppress Concubine Xiao Shufei.After wu Zetian returned to the palace, she won the favor of Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty and was soon promoted to the rank of Wuzhaoyi.Later, Wu Zetian, gradually not satisfied with the mere zhao Yi position, eyeing the queen’s throne.Empress Wu Zetian was ruthless and crafty, in order to power status, not at all killed their children.According to Sima Guang’s Records in The Annals of Wisdom, Wu Zetian gave birth to her eldest daughter when she was 30 years old, who should have been extremely fond of her.But when her eldest daughter was born less than a month ago, she strangled her own daughter and laid blame on the king and queen.Believing this, Emperor Gaozong was so angry that he banished empress Wang to the palace.At that time, the court was controlled by a number of senior ministers, and the power of Emperor Gaozong was greatly limited.However, most of the elder ministers opposed to the abolition of the king and the promotion of Wu Zetian was also full of hardships.At this point, Tang Gaozong and Wu Zetian stood in the political front.Therefore, in the sixth year of Yonghui, Emperor Gaozong of Tang abolished the king and queen and established the Wu clan in order to revive the imperial power and strike down the power of the ministers.Reign xianqing five years in October, Tang Gaozong head wind frequently attack, physical discomfort, let wu descendants to deal with government affairs.Wu zetian took this opportunity to suggest to Emperor Gaozong that she should be allowed to sit in the court with him. This was known as the “Two Saints in the Court”, which further increased her power.In this process, Emperor Gaozong of Tang dynasty wanted to abrogate the emperor several times, and even the imperial edict had been written, but wu Zetian tactically resolved it each time.As Emperor Gaozong’s health deteriorated, wu Zetian was left to make most of the decisions in state affairs, and her power increased.After The death of Emperor Gaozong, Wu Zetian ascended to the throne in the first year of Tiansheng, made Luoyang the capital, changed the name of the state to Zhou, and officially established the regime of Wu Zhou.Before and after she was in power, she was perceptive, good at people’s duties and proper in power;Attach great importance to the selection of talents, but also created the martial test and the temple test system;Reward agriculture and mulberry, reform government administration;At the same time, a large number of tang dynasty clan killings, the rise of cruel officials;Military stability was restored and the post-Turks surrendered.In the first year of shenlong’s death, Zhang Jianzhi, Huan Yanfan, Cui Xuan and Jing Hui joined forces with the right Yulin general Li Duozuo to launch a coup, forcing Wu Zetian to abdicate.In December of the same year, empress Wu Zetian died at the age of 82 and when she died, he was buried with Emperor Gaozong.Surprisingly, there is not a single word on wu Zetian’s tombstone.Wu Zetian’s life was full of twists and turns.As a helpless woman with little status even in her own family, she eventually ascended to the peak of power in the Tang Dynasty.In the long history of China, only she has accomplished what no one else can duplicate.A woman, not only let people abandon the bondage brought by birth and gender, but also make an era so perfect, have to let people praise its strange woman.This week’s free book campaign is open, welcome to pay attention.Wu Zetian