Some people show off their taste and sense of superiority, but gu Ailing’s sharp sledge cuts off most of them

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Gu Is the top stream.Every response is immediate.Little girls have too much emotional intelligence.Success achieved by hard work deserves praise.GuAiLing was all the way to scold fire article | of osmanthus GuAiLing, winter Olympic Games in Beijing in the competition, have the courage to challenge themselves and completed not completed before the foot off-axis spin 1620 degrees this difficult moves, won her first gold medal in the Olympics.It is too arrogant and beautiful, and immediately occupies the headlines of major media and we media without dispute.Not surprisingly, America is getting sour!And it’s very sour.”Gu has betrayed the United States, the country that raised her and made her a world-class player,” Fox said in a statement. “It is not right for Gu to betray the United States for money. She will regret it.”It was not just Fox, of course, but a host of self-respecting white americans, including veteran American athletes and celebrities, as well as a host of self-respecting Chinese Americans, who all jumped out to denounce this 18-year-old girl in a very rare way.It was like a week without gargling.Such as ingratitude, betrayal of the United States, mercenary, mercenary, and so on.This is not surprising, because people are used to their money as a lure, the kind of swagger, pride, even in the United States to wash the dishes of the waiter, can get twenty or thirty thousand dollars a year.They are simply a nation of immigrants, with no faith, no national cohesion, and no traditional culture.Rely on is, the money earn more than China, attracted a number of “hate country party”, “two devils” who sharp head to enter the United States citizenship.Now can be good, incredibly a girl film, incredibly gave up their struggle for many years to obtain the American citizenship, and to China, than the United States to earn much more money.So, this batch of original there is a layer of taste, superiority, instantly by the girl’s sharp, pointed sled cut off most of the.These people’s acid, just let us see a fact, the real elite, has begun to wake up, began to layout back to the embrace of the motherland.In Gu’s case, her mother gave up her US citizenship when her daughter was 16 and returned to compete for China.However, those Chinese Americans who revile Gu are in the middle and lower classes at best. Only they still regard American citizenship as a jewel in the palm of their hands.After all, no matter whether you admit it or not, once you have enough money, you can’t live comfortably anywhere.In fact, for such elites as Gu Ailing, but a piece of paper, there is no need to mention and talk about.Don’t pretend to be gentle, don’t be subtle, in the 1990s, many People gave up their native land, give up their familiar friends and relatives, for what, is the dream of youth?Is it faith pursuit?Pull the egg!To put it bluntly, it’s about money and living a better life than most decent people in the country.Even washing the car and serving dishes, he was still better off than most people in the country.Some of those who waited tables in the restaurant were lucky enough to make it to the middle, all the more so because they were rich.Those who have been to Chinese restaurants in the United States may have a feeling that those Chinese serving water and plates are particularly cold and indifferent to themselves.In fact, the reason is very simple, there is a consciousness in their minds, that is, even if they become a dishwasher, than you who did not squeeze to work in the United States, still stick to China.Why did you come to America and serve you?Hum!What riel and others did.Now, a little girl, unexpectedly become famous, because she is good enough, she can earn more money in China than in the United States, this is amazing, make me extremely depressed, then I came to the United States for what?Therefore, these overseas Chinese, extremely disgusted with Gu, began to show all kinds of abuse, without thinking, slandering gu, even worse than the Media and elites in the United States.Of course, in their scolding, they were actually showing signs of cowardice and regret.In fact, in the past 20 years, especially under the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many overseas Chinese have started to regret that they did not stay in their home countries for training and development, in contrast to the totally different thinking and measures taken by China and Europe and the United States.Just to make money at the beginning, now, no real ability, in the United States can squeeze into the elite?Yes, but very few.Gu Ailing is hot one day, the bigger the price of her endorsement business, the more these people feel bad, they will fight to defame Gu Ailing.In fact, this is silly, and plays into the hands of American politicians.These American politicians look, secretly happy!Oh, originally you also scold Gu Ailing, that line, originally how still how now.For so many years, the status of the black people has been higher than that of the Chinese people, that is because they like to elevate the level of the torment, make the noise of the torment louder, and prolong the torment.In a word, do not toss about how to live up to their own, love to cry children have milk to eat, eternal truth.These Chinese, however, were not only gentle and disunited, and could not make much noise when things happened, but also quarreled with each other from time to time to show loyalty to their master. They hurt and showed no mercy to their former brothers and sisters in the motherland.Fortunately, Gu has exceptional intelligence and emotional intelligence, as well as a gift for diplomacy.Asked by foreign media that she was a traitor, Gu said: ‘I’m not going to waste my time trying to appease uneducated people, uneducated people who have not experienced the gratitude and love that I can feel every day.’Gu Ailing’s words really reflect her very strong elite thought, she is only 18 years old, this elite thought, elite class this idea must be his mother instilled in her.Now some elites, already do not want to stay in the United States, is willing to China to develop, to put it bluntly, can make more money.I mean, doesn’t that pile of cash smell good?It is not difficult to imagine how frustrated and chagrin the Chinese in the middle and lower levels of the United States, especially those foreign and domestic devils, were when they heard these words.Gu Said frankly, she is actually telling those who hate the country, hatred of the Two devils, envy and hatred, Shouting abuse elite, not to help themselves, on the contrary, it is easy to become paranoid and depression.The right thing to do is to be as organized, as united, and as disciplined as the negroes in demanding treatment and benefits.When power gets hurt, say no and yell at the powerful.Instead of the blade turning inward and stabbing his former sibling.Since you understand that gu Ailing is hot and famous one day, you will suffer from the pain in your heart. Why not adopt the strategy of “silence is gold” earlier and let Gu Ailing cool down as soon as possible, until she is replaced by other people who pull the world’s attention?