Parents claim that their children will be refunded if they recharge the game privately. Huawei App Market: it needs to be assessed

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A woman surnamed Pan in Longyan, Fujian province, recently told that her child downloaded four games from Huawei’s app market during the Spring Festival this year, and spent a total of 11,478 yuan on 38 games in just a few days without their parents’ knowledge.Ms. Pan applied to Huawei for a refund, which was rejected.On March 9, contacted Huawei App Market about the matter.On November 11, the customer service responded that after several rounds of verification with the game, the real-name account was verified as an adult, and the applicant could not provide direct evidence to prove that the relevant consumption was carried out privately by minors and some of the recharge props had been used.Huawei is only a payment platform, and the recharge fee will eventually be settled to the game party. The refund plan requires comprehensive evaluation after verifying the consumption and use of the game, so the refund application proposed by Ms. Pan cannot be approved.Consumer response: Ms. Pan said, because of the Spring Festival, want to let the child relax, has not strictly control the children play tablet computer time.After seeing the consumption records, I learned that the child downloaded four games from The Huawei app market from January 26 to February 3, 2022, including Firewire Elite, Ultraman Legend, Brawls in the Wild, etc. The child was only 11 years old, with poor self-control and a fuzzy concept of money, so these recharge records were generated.According to the consumption records provided by Ms. Pan, the related accounts were charged with different amounts of money every day in the above mentioned time, with intensive consumption times. There were 38 transactions in total, among which the maximum amount was 998 yuan, the maximum amount was 3137 yuan a day, and the total amount of recharge consumption was 11,478 yuan.Ms. Pan said that she called the game platform to ask if she could get a refund. The customer service of the game platform replied that the game was downloaded through Huawei’s app market and the recharge fee was also in huawei’s account, so she should contact Huawei’s customer service for a refund.Later, she contacted the customer service of Huawei App Market and tried to ask for a refund through huawei’s self-assistant platform. Later, she negotiated with huawei customer service for a refund, but the system and customer service both refused to apply for a refund on the grounds that “the account has been verified as an adult”.”The child is only 11 years old and still a restricted person, so any transaction initiated by him should be approved and confirmed by the parents.”Ms. Pan believes that Huawei has been fobbing off consumers with “real name authentication account number”, which is chilling.After being rejected by Huawei and the game party, Pan realized that the recharge was transferred through wechat, so she called wechat customer service for help.Finally, by questioning the payment order on the wechat transfer record, wechat customer service helped Pan apply for a refund of 4,855 yuan, but 6,623 yuan was still unrefundable.Pan said that the cost is more than two months of her monthly income. As a middle-aged woman, how could she recharge in these games? She still hopes to refund the rest of the money through huawei apps.Corporate response: After receiving Ms. Pan’s complaint, contacted Huawei App Market about the matter.Customer service said that the above games themselves do not have automatic deduction function, the company and the game party for several rounds of verification, the real name authentication of the account is indeed an adult, and the recharge props have been used, the account has no record of underage login and use.The customer service staff said that Huawei was only a payment platform, and the recharge fee would eventually be settled to the game party. The refund plan requires both parties to jointly verify the consumption and use of the game, and then make a comprehensive assessment. Therefore, the refund application proposed by Ms. Pan could not be approved.