Gal Gadot hit a new high in this year’s mystery film Death on the Nile

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Death on the Nile, released by China Film/China Amc and produced by Scott Freelance Studios in the UK, premiered last Saturday. The film is beautifully produced and entertaining, starring a dazzling cast of stars including Gal Gadot.The harvest of national audience praise.Based on Agatha Christie’s classic of the same name, the film is directed and starred by Kenneth Branagh, a seven-time Oscar nominee, and stars Wonder Woman Gal Gadot.A bizarre story about Poirot, a detective as famous as Sherlock Holmes, who encounters a series of murders while on vacation in the Nile, is currently in theaters.For a group drama, Death on the Nile has a star-studded cast.From Gadot to Branagh, from four-time Oscar nominee Annette Benning to a host of dynamic young stars, more than a dozen talented actors inspire each other for a series of exciting, emotional performances that delight audiences.Gadot, wonder Woman, conquered the audience with her amazing appearance: “No one can refuse the story of ‘Granny’, and no one can refuse the beauty of Gadot”. Her performance challenging the new role type also received praise: “Transformed into the most beautiful bride in Egypt, especially shining in the ancient and mysterious Egyptian customs”.Egypt cheng jing take top luxury wonders worth the cost in addition to the star-studded cast, the film at the brand of visual effect, also attracted the attention of the audience – with live action combined with digital effects of pyramid, the Nile, Aswan hotel and Abu Simbel, let the audience call “beautiful picture of Egypt”,”Visual upgrade continues murder on the Orient Express, the overall picture is particularly exquisite”!In addition, the costume of the film also strives to restore the glitziness and delicacy of the upper class in the 1930s, inviting The famous Spanish designer Paco Delgado, winner of the Oscar for Best Costume Design, to lead the costume team to personally produce 150 sets of costumes. Many comments said:”Every piece of clothing is luxury brand customization, as if a top retro theme fashion show”!And with the exquisite clothing matching, is a lot of eagle-eyed audience found handed down the yellow diamond, the world only 4 people wear, this time in the big screen is also enough value back ticket price!The original work of “Death on the Nile” is a classic work by Agatha Christie, which “satisfies all the fantasies of readers for mystery novels”. It not only focuses on the layout of the reasoning level, but also focuses on the extreme perspective of the abyss of human nature.In the film, the classic original and excellent adaptation of the double support, the film weaves the crime mystery bureau suspense, twists and turns.The director focuses on human nature and emotion, which triggers a more lasting discussion among the audience: “It is the human heart that is most unpredictable under the beautiful clothes and exotic customs”, “you never know what people will do for love”.Death on the Nile is currently being screened in 2D/IMAX/Cinity/ China Giant Screen/Dolby Cinema. Don’t miss the first luxury blockbuster of the year, the mysterious legend of the Nile awaits you!From ticket-hunting Media number: Death on the Nile