Qingdao Cangan Road has a building, this Spring Festival true fire, play rings, sugar ball, sugar painting, food

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At the junction of Cangan Road and Anshun South Road in Licang District of Qingdao, not far from Qingdao North Railway Station, a new urban complex named Zhenghemao has been built, which has the same pattern as Mixc City, Le Ke City and Wanda.After material satisfaction, people increasingly pursue a higher spiritual life.During the Spring Festival, a small sugar ball meeting was held in Zhenghemao. Not only children, but also many adults played rings and shot balloons with guns. As long as you throw the rings, whatever you hit, it is yours.Dear post-60s and post-70s, can you still think of this scene?My ear, as if sounded the first “the past can only aftertaste”, time passed never return, the past can only aftertaste, recall childhood bamboo horse qingmei, Liangxiaomaoguess day and night, the spring breeze blowing red stamens, you have also added the New Year……People often say that the flavor of the New Year has faded, including having eaten enough delicious food, being tired of traditional customs, not wanting to get married, not wanting to be urged to get married, not wanting to be asked about their income, etc.People used to silence, bowed their heads to play with mobile phones, gradually become unfamiliar in the familiar, numb in the unfamiliar.In fact, the final meaning of Chinese New Year is a short rest, is a new beginning, long road ahead, always need to buffer, we grow one year old, will know the world’s most precious is time, only cherish every meeting and reunion.Some things will be lost, but the family will not be lost, the pursuit of beauty will not be lost, just like this sweet and beautiful Chinese sugar painting, has become a legacy, accompany the years, accompany our hearts.So, I often say to my family, if you respect nian, nian will respect you.I often ask myself, like a fool, what is life?Perhaps, life is when you are busy, you can take time to read a few pages of a book, walk around, recall your childhood in sugar balls, look for beer in barbecue, experience the taste of Beijing in fried tripe, and remember the three Xiang and four rivers in stinky tofu…Seeing children, middle-aged people and the elderly restore their true life in the food, I finally understand that this is the market culture, this is the fireworks of the world.Rolling in the world of mortals, in the tangle of gain and loss, I want to sing a few words of Cui Jian’s nothing, I used to ask endlessly, when will you go with me, but you always laugh at me, nothing, I want to give you my pursuit, and my freedom, but you always laugh at me, nothing…Life is always, half firewood, rice, oil and salt, half stars and sea.Suddenly, I saw six words written on zhenghemao Urban complex: Life is bright and lovely.I will end with “Life is bright and lovely”, and I will always believe that life is bright and lovely.