Li Zi posted two bowls of green vegetables and three shrimp for her work meal

2022-04-23 0 By

Now many people have started work, the stars have also started business, Li Zi in the first day of work, she shared her daily life with her fans, posted a work meal, see Li Zi’s work meal, many fans call love dearly.Li Zi married into a rich family, so hard, just over the New Year to work, work meal is very simple, 2 bowls of vegetables, 3 small shrimp, there is a bowl of only one can eat the sausage powder.Li Zi wrote, “I enjoy eating alone. I am free to eat during festivals. Now we are in business, we should pay attention to our diet.Fan said, is the rich also with us is no different from ordinary people, especially stars, in order to figure the can’t eat more, that dare not eat two bowls of green vegetables and the number is not much, three shrimp is a tiny, really make people love dearly, then some netizens Dui back, or love, the somebody else eat green vegetables, is for the body health, the green vegetables in her New Year,It has been sold for 100 yuan a catty.One of the two bowls of green vegetables is lettuce, which means “making money” during the Spring Festival. Moreover, the lettuce is rich in nutrients and vitamins, which can not only fill the stomach, but also won’t bring burden to the stomach.Salad with lettuce. It’s good raw.The other is the leaves of tomorrow, fresh and sweet to eat, contains a lot of crude fiber, can promote intestinal peristalsis, high nutritional value, seldom seen on weekdays, people who like healthy diet are very fond of this vegetable.Li zi’s simple meal makes her fans feel sorry for her, but she does not know that there are special nutritionists for her meals. She once posted her fat-reducing meal, and some knowledgeable netizens said that this box of rice is worth tens of thousands of yuan.I really advise those fans who always feel sorry for their idols, please feel sorry for yourself, the stars only want us to see, they want us to see, there are a lot of things we don’t know, even if we can’t imagine.100 yuan a jin of green vegetables, it is estimated that the fans have never eaten it.