Diuretic, antibacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, 4 kinds of Chinese patent medicine that treats chronic prostatitis you want to know

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The ingredients of the front group are dandelion, Zeelum, Phellodendron phellodendron, Guangdongwang Not leave xing, Plantain seed, amber, Astragalus membranaceus, tip of both ends, star anise oil and cinnamon oil.Dandelion taste bitter cold, can clear heat and detoxify, detumescence sanjie, wet tonglin;Zeilan taste bitter xin, mild temperature, xin Powder wentong, huoxue quyu, li Shui detumescence.Compatibility, clearing dampness and turbidity, removing stasis and dispersing knot, for the pathogenesis and main symptoms, a total of king medicine.Phellodendron heat dry dampness, purging fire detoxification;Wang does not stay to detoxify, invigorate and invigorate blood;Plantain diuretic lotion;Longpo huoxue disperses stasis, diuresis tonglin;The two tips guide the turbidness and stagnation, clearing heat and blood stasis.The five auxiliary jun medicine, enhance heat and dampness, invigorate blood stasis effect, a total of minister medicine.Astragalus tonifying qi and benefiting water;Star anise oil to regulate qi and relieve pain;Cinnamon oil can warm the veins, help Yang change qi and relieve pain.Three drugs can help bladder gasification, and treat pain;It also restricts the cold and cold of medicine.It is an adjuvant.All kinds of medicine together, clear moist turbid, remove stasis and disperse knot.Proscenium piece for damp and heat accumulate bladder, heat stasis accumulate jiao caused by light and moderate urination difficulty, small urine flow, short frequency of urine, can be accompanied by urination frequency, leach acerbity pain or lumbago, bitter mouth sticky, or thirst does not want to drink, red tongue coat yellow greasy, pulse number, prostatic and prostatic hyperplasia see the syndrome;Symptoms of constipation caused by heat and blood stasis at the throat, itching and sore in the stem, frequent urination, painful dribbling, vaginal distension, red tongue, smooth pulse and chronic prostatitis.Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that the prostatitis tablet has the effect of anti-prostatitis, can inhibit prostatitis, reduce the prostate index, but also inhibit prostatic tissue hyperplasia, reduce the number of white blood cells in prostatic fluid, restore the density of phospholipid bodies.Still have diuretic and analgesic effect.The prescription of Wulin fossil pill consists of Herba magnifera, Sea jinsha, Plantagliae, Shiwei, Amber, Sand ox, jineijin, Alisma alisma, Rhizoma corydalis (vinegar), Astragalus membranaceus and liquorice root.Square money grass, sea jinsha cold cold, money grass effect long qingredetoxification, diuretic dehumidification, drainage stone;Haijinsha clear dampness and heat, power patent urine tonglin, pain relief, is the treatment of all drenching pain medicine.The two drugs are used together, li Shui Tong Drench, platoon stone acetanilide, for jun medicine.Plantain, Shiwei, Amber and Sand ox clear heat pain relief, diuresis tonglin;Fossil of gold tonglin in chicken;Ze Xie Li water infiltration of turbidity.The six auxiliary jun medicine, enhance the effect of water, a total of minister medicine.Astragalus invigorates qi, rises Yang diuresis, and restricts cold and cool qingxie, prevents evil accumulation and consumes healthy qi for a long time;Combined yanhusuo huoxue, qi, pain, treatment and disease, used as adjuvant.Licorice pain relief, harmonic medicine, to make medicine.The compatibility of various drugs, a total of li Wet tonglin, in addition to stone analgesic power.Wulin Fossil pill is used for hot drenching caused by dampness and heat, which is caused by condensation of bladder. The symptoms include yellow urine, hot drenching, frequent astringency and pain, acute arrest of lower abdomen, dry stools, yellow and greasy moss, slippery pulse and urinary tract infection.The dampness and heat accumulate the lower jiao, the stone drench caused by suffering urine, the disease sees the urination is difficult, the urine number is urgent, the urine is bloody, the urethra is embarrassed and painful, the lower abdomen is urgent or the waist abdomen is painful, even the urine is filled with sand stone, the tongue is red, the pulse string or the string number, the urinary tract stone sees the above syndrome;Symptoms of constipation caused by humid heat pouring into the spermatic chamber, selling rice or mushy material at urinary orifice, perineal discomfort, testicular pain, itching or pain in the penis, inconvenient urination, swelling pain in the waist, sliding pulse or chronic prostatitis are listed in the above symptoms.Pilose antler, Epimedium, Wolfberry fruit, Fructus schisandrae, Dodder, pangolin (spear), Polygonum polygonum, Polygonum cuspidatum, Muthong, Polygonum polygonum, Plantain seed, Phellodendron phellodendron, Hedyotis officinalis, Astragalus membranaceus, Poria, radish seed, centipede, licorice.In the prescription, pilose antler, Epimedium, wolfberry fruit, schisandrae fruit and cuscuta fruit are the king medicine for tonifying kidney and nourishing essence, warming Yang and changing qi, and shuitongli.Pangolin, Wang does not leave line, earthworm, centipede, Polygonum cuspidatum huoxue huayu, collaterals water;Also, Bian, plantain seed storage heat diuretic tong Lin;All of these are my medicine.Phellodendron phellodendron and Hedyotis diffusa can clear heat and detoxify;Astragalus, Tuckahoe and radish seed nourish qi and spleen, benefit water dehumidification, combined as adjuvant.Glycyrrhiza detoxification pain relief, harmonic medicine, to make medicine.All drugs together, a total of played yixue kidney, qingretong drenching.Qianie Huichun capsule for kidney qi deficiency, dampness and heat stasis caused by drenching pain, symptoms of short and urgent urination frequency, dry dry not smooth, residual drain, urine turbid with blood or Yin drops white turbid, waist and knees sour, fatigue, pulse, or greasy, pulse moistening number, chronic prostatitis see the above syndrome;Because of kidney qi loss, dampness and blood stasis caused by impotence, disease see Yang things do not xing, waist and knees sour soft, body acid trapped, vaginal moisture, fine urine, or greasy, pulse moisten number.Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that qianlijie Huichun capsule has the effect of anti-prostatic hyperplasia, can reduce the wet weight of prostate tissue, reduce prostatic hyperplasia, can inhibit the proliferation of prostate epithelial cells and fibrous tissue, increase the prostatic fluid oophos, reduce the number of white blood cells;It has antibacterial effect, and has different degree of inhibitory effect on Escherichia typhi, dysentery bacillus, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Micrococcus xanthococcus in vitro.Still have anti – prostatitis, analgesia and diuretic effect.Qingretonglin capsule group for jue bed, sophora flavescens, white thatch root, borax.It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and detumescence, improving dampness and dampness, and cutting into the pathogenesis of dampness and heat in the middle and lower coke, so it is a jun medicine.Sophora taste bitter cold, with heat dry dampness, tongli urination, help jue bed qingli under the coke hot and damp medicine.White thatch root is sweet and cold, has the power of clearing heat and diuresis, and benefit water without hurting Yin, can cure heat drench;Borax sweet and salty cool, good heat clearing and detoxification sanjie, in addition to the stagnation of damp and heat, two drugs for the adjuvant.Four drugs phase, a total of qingreli dampness, drenching.Qingretonglin capsule is used for patients with hot drenching caused by dampness and heat, bladder condensation, frequent urination, stinging urethra, turbid urine, dry and bitter mouth, acute lower urinary tract infection and chronic prostatitis.Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that Qingretonglin capsule has the effect of inhibiting prostatitis, inhibiting prostate swelling, reducing the weight of prostate and reducing the content of prostaglandin E2, the inflammatory medium in prostate tissue.It has antibacterial effect and has inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus and Escherichia coli in vitro experiment.It also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.